The coronavirus means no public gatherings, which means no restaurants, movies, parades, or playdates. If your family is an active, high-energy type, board games probably aren’t an option. So, what are some activities you can do that will keep everyone entertained without exposing the family to the public? Keep reading to find out!

Baking Experiment

Ever wonder how butter or more sugar changes the consistency of chocolate chip cookies? Start your own baking experiment by creating different batches of cookies. If your child isn’t in school, this is a yummy way to allow them to practice their scientific method skills, chemistry skills, and kitchen skills. And one advantage of baking experiments is that you get to eat the results!

Backyard Games

If you have a backyard, this is a good time to get out without getting out. Go throw a frisbee around, do some BBQing or just lounge around. It beats staying indoors and reading the news.

Do A Little Gardening

A productive thing to do in your backyard is to take this time to start a garden. You can plot out the land, make markers, and even start some weeding and seed planting. In a few months, you’ll be able to eat the produce growing in your own yard.

Road Trip!

Planes and trains may have shut down, but nothing is stopping you from piling everyone into the car and going for a road trip. The roads will be empty so you won’t have to worry about traffic. And who knows the places you’ll end up in if you explore without a GPS.

Spring Cleaning

Start spring cleaning early – clear out old junk, clean up the attic, and organize the stuff in your basement. This is a productive way to burn extra energy and declutter your living space. 

Take Apart and Explore Old Electronics

Got outdated old electronics? Let your kids dismantle them. This exploratory activity doesn’t require too much supervision (if your kids are old enough) and it might even spark their interest in engineering – probably shouldn’t mention spark in this context.

Plan a Future Trip

You might not be able to go anywhere right now, but flights are cheap and now is a good time to plan for a future trip. Jump on the computer and head to Google Flights, Airbnb, and Google Maps to figure out where to go for your next international adventure.

Pokemon Go

This get-outside-and-walk-around game has made changes that allow people to continue to play during the COVID-19 pandemic. Incense is on sale, 30 for $1, and they last twice as long. Pokemon will also spawn more often and Pokestops spit out more objects. So stay home and spin/swipe away.

Play some video games

Video games might be a treat normally, but these aren’t normal times. If there was a time to indulge in video games, now might be it. Plus, not all video games are sedentary. Choose an active game and play the day away.

Arts and Crafts

Days at home mean a chance to teach your kids about upcycling. Grab your arts and crafts supplies and some recycled cans/bottles and see if your family can’t make something cool out of junk. It’s also a nice sense of accomplishment to continue using arts and crafts projects after the project is over!

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